Savings Highway Global Starter Package: $199 – Monthly




The Savings Highway Global Starter Package:  $199 Monthly

This is the package for you if you are interested in giving your business a big boost, you are working consistently, and / or you want to be able to split/ transfer some leads to your team. (You can give your downline an LMS for free to allow you to transfer leads.)
  • 100 Telephone Verified Opt-in (TVO) Leads
  • 500 Premium Opt-ins
  • 1500 MLMers/ Business Opportunity Seekers
  • Special Bonus: 2000 Traffic/ Visitors directed to your website.
  • (Provide your website on the order form or contact us after)
  • 35 Ads on our Youmongus Ad Network Classified Ad websites
  • We set up the Youmongus Ad Network Account for you and you can place and edit your own Ads. (include picture, You Tube Movies and your website links)


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